Bart Kwint

Bart Kwint

The paintings of Bart Kwint are semi-abstract to figurative. The painting technique he uses, is mainly characterized by layering. Layer upon layer a painting is constructed. Thereafter, the upper layer is often partially scraped off to the layers underneath to shine through. Bart Kwint mostly paints in a somewhat naive style.

Inspiration he gets out of his interest in dance, music, for birds, from drawings by his children and finally even out doodling. Doodling is a form of sketching without a clear purpose. Often you are in mind -to daydreaming or phonecalling- while making a doodle.

Little drawings made in sketchbooks usually form the base for paintings. They are scanned and combined in various compositions using Photoshop, to be transferred and enlarged later, on canvas. The painting is built up in several layers. Mostly with acrylic paint, but pictures from magazines, various types of chalk, sand and even the sander also come in handy.

Bart Kwint was born in the Netherlands, in Leidschendam on January 3, 1976. However, he grew up in the city of Stadskanaal, where he lived until his 19 th year. Through a wandering to Ulft in the Achterhoek, he ended up in Arnhem, where he trained as a first-degree Arts teacher at the School of Arts. In 2001 he graduated from there. His hometown of Arnhem he left, now married to Sarah for Ede. With her he has three sons.

Bart Kwint has a part-time post of teaching at the Arts and Crafts department at John Fontanus College in Barneveld. In addition to his teaching, he started in 2003 as an independent artist.